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Joyce Slingerland's story

Dear Friends and Family:

The Bellringer at GU Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center is a major mechanism for raising awareness of and support for Lombardi's clinical and basic research toward a cure. I am writing to ask you to support my ride. My entire career as a breast cancer oncologist and cancer research scientist has been devoted to reducing the burden of breast cancer suffering through research on ways to prevent or block breast cancer growth and cure this disease. While we have seen tremendous progress in improving the lives of patients who face this and other forms of cancer, the fight is not over. I recently relocated from U of Miami to Lombardi to expand and co-lead the LCCC breast cancer research effort that has roots over the last 30 years. This center offers unparalleled patient care and brings together excellence in multidisciplinary research towards a cure. Next fall, I will join thousands of cyclists, runners, walkers and virtual riders for the Lombardi Bellringer. 100% of every dollar raised will support lifesaving cancer research at Lombardi. It is only with the strong support of our community that we can continue to build our breast cancer care and research team. Please join me in the fight to beat breast cancer by logging onto my page here: https://bellringer.org/rider/135 to support my ride.

All my best